Campus Life

Heera Ghorashi returns to Stockton University for annual piano performance

Written for The Argo by Rachel Rolle

On October 9th, 2022, professional pianist Heera Ghorashi returned to Stockton during University Weekend for her annual performance. The free event consisted of two hours’ worth of Ghorashi’s musical talents. Ghorashi’s church members and her Korean community attended to support the well-known pianist. She performs at her church every Sunday and this Sunday she attended the University to play for Stockton students, faculty, alumni, and families. 

Heera Ghorashi performing at Stockton University. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle. 

Ghorashi selected eight pieces to showcase her talents as well as draw the audience into her world of music. The precision of each note was intentional; the transitions from a slower tempo to a faster tempo and so on can only be done by so many musicians. Ghorashi performed for two straight hours, leaving the room in awe of her abilities.  

After intermission, Ghorashi played four pieces by Franz Liszt, a Hungarian romantic composer who lived in the early 19th century. The famous pianist was an excellent virtuoso, meaning that he played at a very fast tempo. Ghorashi matched that tempo seamlessly.

The performance by Heera Ghorashi was one not to miss. Whether you are a novice listener or an expert in classical music, Ms. Ghorashi’s free performances are for all to enjoy. Look out for the performance next year; this is one you would not want to miss!