Campus Life

Stockton’s Facilities Master Plan Addresses Housing and Parking Shortages

Written for The Argo by Matthew Ernst

The updated Facilities Master Plan for Stockton University was recently approved during the Board Of Trustees meeting on Sept. 23, 2022; however, these projections are subject to change and are not final. The most relevant constructions have already begun in Atlantic City, almost right on top of the boardwalk. This construction plan known as “Phase 2” of the university’s Atlantic City construction plans includes an additional 135,000 square foot residential building that will house 416 beds and a General Residential Support Space.

Another interesting change on the master list is a full remodel of Housing 1 on the Galloway Campus. Currently, Housing 1 holds 1,068 students, housing four to five students per apartment. The remodel will demolish the existing 16 two-story complexes and replace them with 8 new five-story structures, netting a total of 480 apartments and 1,920 beds. Each building will contain game rooms, lobbies, study rooms, laundry rooms, and maintenance offices. Unlike the most modern of the residential apartments, Housing 5, the Housing 1 remodel will include full kitchens in each apartment.

Just in time for the current parking crisis on campus, there were proposals for a 350,000-square-foot, seven-story parking garage to be situated on top of what is currently Parking Lot 5. In the propositional plans, it is projected to house 1,200 vehicles, a lounge area, and a bus terminal.

Overall, Stockton University has high aspirations when it comes to expanding its campuses.  The Facilities Master Plan seems to be entirely capable of being fulfilled, as demonstrated by recent campus additions such as the science centers and residential housing units.

More details from the meeting can be found within the goPortal, under ‘Facilities and Master Plan.’