Campus Life

Cake Night holds first event as an official club

Written for The Argo by Kelsea Bishop

On Thursday, Sept. 29. at 8 p.m., Stockton University’s Cake Night hosted its first event as an official club. The club, which gained over 100 members within the first month, held this event in the TRLC. The setup consisted of placing a variety of cakes onto tables and ensuring that there was enough silverware for the anticipated crowd. Music played as the crowd poured in. After about 20 minutes, the cakes were almost gone. 

President Pat Verrecchia, Treasurer Andres Artega, and Secretary Julie Au pose with Cake Night’s mascots, Cake and Mike. Photo Courtesy of Kelsea Bishop.

“If you come late, you don’t get cake,” Vice President Richie Citta remarked while handing out plates. After about 40 minutes, there were only a few slices of cake left out of the original 25+. Some were homemade, while others were store-bought. Cake Night featured a wide assortment of cakes, including crumble coffee cake, carrot cake, pound cake, tres leches, and more. “All of the cakes I tried were amazing. I wish I could try them all,” commented Cake Night member Megan Miragliotta. In addition to the main event, the e-board hosted a free-to-enter casual Mario Kart tournament. The winner was awarded a $20 gift card. 

Afterward, the tradition of the last slice began. “Before we became a club, we would save one last slice of cake and walk around campus until we found someone who would take it. This became the tradition of the last slice,” Treasurer Andres Arteaga commented. The next Cake Night will be held on Oct 27th and will be Halloween-themed. To stay updated, follow the official Cake Night Instagram page, @stocktoncakenight.