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Stockton University Car Club rallies for a return 

Written for The Argo by Spencer Barc

The Stockton University Car Club made sure to turn heads recently during the Get Involved Fair, as a variety of car enthusiasts parked their vehicles on the main campus walkway to encourage new members to join. 

Car Club President and Dodge Challenger Scat Pack owner Kyle McParland spoke about how the organization had previously been much bigger. According to McParland, this loss in membership is the result of division within the club that led to its eventual shutdown prior to its resurgence last year. “It really doesn’t matter what or if you drive, it’s more that you just care about cars,” said McParland. 

Stockton Car Club features a variety of cars, similar to the Dodge Challenger featured above. Photo courtesy of Derwin Edwards on

McParland continued, stating that “we try to make it not just all about us … instead of just setting up car meet after car meet we try to give back.” And they do give back; just last April, the club was able to organize a meet with raffles, a DJ, and an Ice cream truck. These attractions along with the $5 admission fee allowed the club to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Another member of the club shared his experience with the club prior to its shutdown. Brandon Bollinger, a proud Maita owner, remembers seeing cars parked on the walkway and signing up during the Get Involved Fair but not hearing anything from them shortly after.Since its re-establishment, however, he stated that he tries to show up whenever he can to show off his completely custom Miata setup – something he had built with his father. Bollinger went on to nail home the idea that this is truly a club for anyone who likes cars regardless of what make and model of cars are driven.

 To find out more about the Stockton University Car Club or get involved with it, reach out to President Kyle McParland via email at or OspreyHub at

The organization will be hosting a Steering Wheel Restoration Workshop on September 28 at 5 pm at Lakeside Lodge.