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Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween hire Stockton students for upcoming busy season

Written for The Argo by Matthew Schreiber

Stockton offers some great job opportunities for students to work at the university, but those jobs tend to fill up fast and might not be available for all fields of study; however, there are other opportunities available such as those offered at the home office for Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween. The office is less than 15 minutes away from Stockton’s campus and has a wide variety of career opportunities in almost every department.

The Halloween season is the ideal time to start applying for these jobs because it is the busiest time of the year for these companies. They offer temporary work, internships, and full-time positions for students who are nearing graduation. Some departments within the company will almost double in size to compensate for over a thousand seasonal Spirit stores opening until the end of Halloween.

The company also has plans to expand the home office to be able to bring in more workers. They are looking for people who will be passionate about their job and are trying to gain experience. John Wise, A hiring manager in Loss Prevention said, “Previously, we were looking for people who have a background in physical security, but with the implementation of new systems, we want people that have a professional understanding of technology.”

Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween has a long history of employing Stockton students and graduates. This past August, Spencer’s and Spirit donated $250,000 to support student scholarships and School of Business initiatives. $200,000 is for an endowed scholarship for computer science and marketing students. The remaining $50,000 was gifted to support School of Business initiatives. Spencer’s and Spirit has nearly 100 Stockton graduates currently employed at their home office.

Most of the positions available right now are temporary, but it still allows students to make meaningful connections with hiring managers so that they are more likely to start their careers there after school. An employee from talent acquisition stated that they “try to keep the temps that take their work seriously after the busy season.” They would rather hire someone as a temp and then move them to full-time work rather than hire someone full-time from the start.

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