Campus Life

Stockton Entertainment Team hosts wax hand night

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Stockton Entertainment Team (SET) held a wax hand night from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The event was held in the Campus Center Coffee House and was open free of charge to the Stockton community. SET worked in junction with Neon Entertainment, who supplied the materials for attendees to make their own wax hands.

Stockton students Nayelis Corporan (left) and Imani Turner pose with their wax hands. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Myers.

Alex Eckmeder, who handles SET’s late week-night events, said that to his knowledge this was SET’s first ever wax hand-making event. He stated that the inspiration for wax hand night stemmed from his desire to try out new types of events in an effort to pinpoint what kinds of activities the Stockton Student body enjoys the most.

Eckmeder described SET as an organization that is “run by the students, for the students” that aims to keep students occupied and interested in on-campus activities. According to Eckmeder, events like wax hands night are intended as a way to give back to the student body, since much of SET’s funding is derived from student fees.

Eckmeder stated that one of his goals for SET this academic year is to increase collaboration with other student-led groups on campus, emphasizing the importance of communication via e-mail and social media. “I want to see what Stockton, as a whole, can do,” said Eckmeder.

For more information about SET and its upcoming events,  their Ospreyhub page can be accessed here.