Campus Life

Stockton Entertainment Team hosts on-campus petting zoo

Written for The Argo by Julyanna Deauna

On Thursday, September 15, 2022, Stockton Entertainment Team (SET) helped kick off the beginning of the semester with an on-campus petting zoo in the TRLC quad from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The petting zoo featured a variety of animals, including goats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, ducks, and a donkey. Attendees were encouraged to pet, hold, and even brush the fur of the animals on display. The pen in which the animals were kept held as many as 30 students at a time.

The idea for an on-campus petting zoo can be attributed to Angaleis Reilly, who is a junior at Stockton University and a member of the Special Events division of SET since the Spring 2022 semester.

Stockton students interact with animals at the SET petting zoo. Photos courtesy of Julyanna Deauna.

According to Reilly, the motivation behind organizing the petting zoo event was to improve and maintain the mental health of the Stockton University student body. “It’s September, first day of classes, the whole month is just going to be like really stressful. You’re doing classes, you’re doing this… so I thought, ‘why don’t we just have a petting zoo?’ so that everyone can relieve their stress,” Reilly said. 

She further explained that events such as the petting zoo are planned out roughly two months ahead of time, allowing leeway to ensure an effective and smoothly-running experience for everyone involved.

For more information about SET and its upcoming events,  their Ospreyhub page can be accessed here.