Campus Life

Argo editor-in-chief announces switch to fully-digital publishing

We are pleased to inform the Stockton University community that the Argo, Stockton’s independent student newspaper, has become a fully digital publication as of the Fall 2022 semester. This decision to discontinue a paper print edition is the result of over a year’s worth of research and discussion among The Argo’s staff and Board of Directors, Student Senate, and the Office of Student Development. Not only does this decision reflect a larger industry trend in journalism, but it is also a more environmentally sustainable, cost-effective way of running and distributing a journalistic publication.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, The Argo began to move toward digital publishing by operating the current website while simultaneously releasing limited print editions. Almost 90% of the print editions were left untouched and subsequently recycled. Furthermore, an Argo readership survey with 400 responses conducted in the Spring of 2022 indicated that those who read The Argo prefer getting the paper in a digital format, including its website, social media, and emails.

This switch to digital operations is being seen in newspapers around the country, including the college press. In fact, the newspapers of New Jersey City University, The College of New Jersey, and William Patterson University– three fellow New Jersey academic institutions– have made the switch themselves. 

Though The Argo may have changed its publication format, this newspaper’s dedication to fair, ethical, and accurate journalism will remain the same. The Argo’s hard-working and talented editorial team, business manager, and writing staff will continually work to bring the Stockton community the same high-quality journalism that it has proudly published for over 50 years.