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New semester brings new COVID-19 guidelines

The start of the new semester at Stockton is accompanied by new guidelines and recommendations regarding COVID-19. With fewer restrictions on campus, it seems like a more “normal” college experience is on the horizon for students.

“There have been a few changes regarding COVID protocols this school year,” says Zupenda Davis-Shine, Assistant Vice President for Student Health and Wellness.

“One of the major changes is the screening requirement. As of September 1, 2022, Stockton University students (and employees) who are unvaccinated for COVID-19, including those with approved medical and/or religious exemptions, will no longer be required to report for a COVID-19 screening. Also, Stockton no longer offers testing on campus.”

Another notable change is that students are now permitted to have guests on campus, including both Stockton students and other guests that do not attend the university.

Masks remain optional on campus, though they are required when visiting Student Health Services. Additionally, faculty are able to require that students wear masks inside their individual classrooms. All Stockton students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a university-approved medical or religious exemption. While boosters are not required, they are strongly recommended.

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Cases are reported daily on the COVID-19 page. As of Friday, September 9, there are a total of 11 active cases at Stockton. Since September 1, 18 cases have been reported. A total of 622 cases were reported from January 1 to August 31.

“To keep our campus safe, we ask that if a student feels sick; has been a close contact with someone who has tested positive; or has tested positive that they complete a COVID-19 Report which can be found in the student portal. This will allow for the University to provide accurate testing and quarantine/isolation guidelines to the student; to provide support for the student and to help any student who may need to quarantine to get back to campus in a safe way,” says Davis-Shine.

According to Stockton’s COVID-19 page, residential students who test positive are required to isolate in a Stockton isolated housing facility or off campus at home. For residential students who isolate in a Stockton facility, the protocol also includes dining accommodations and regular monitoring of the student’s physical and mental health.