Campus Life

Opinion: The Bean’s List needs improvements

Written for The Argo by Magdalene Coleman

Mr. Bean’s Coffee Machine, also known as The Bean’s List, is starting to malfunction. The Bean’s List is a great location for buying coffee and snacks before class, though it needs major upgrades, and fast.

The Bean’s List is one of the most popular locations in Stockton University’s Galloway campus that is similar to a typical coffee shop, specifically Starbucks. It is also located in the E-Wing of the Academic Building on the Stockton Galloway campus where most of the students have classes. With a limited amount of space, however, the shop has only a few workers as the lines have grown longer in the mornings and afternoons. In addition, there were not enough snacks available in the past few months.

There are some solutions that could be beneficial for The Bean’s List, including online ordering. According to Fundera, online ordering has “grown at an astounding rate since 2014”, and is “expected to show an annual growth rate of 5.1% from now until 2024”. Another solution would be adding more options to the menu. Hiring more workers should also be considered.

As much as students and professors love getting their morning fuel, The Bean’s List should use more efficient tools. The Bean’s List is doing a great job with the resources they have, but with a few additional resources, like online ordering and a few more employees, it could be even better.