Campus Life

ASA hosts Phoenix Night Market

On Friday, March 25, 2022, Stockton University’s Asian Student Alliance (ASA) held their Phoenix Night Market. This event, which is considered to be the ASA’s “most anticipated event” of the year, was held in the Campus Center Event Room and ran from 6:00 to 10:00 PM. The Phoenix Night Marked featured cuisine, performances, and club tables that showcased various Asian cultures; the event served as an homage to the night markets commonly seen throughout the Asian continent. 

In addition to clubs like Adoptees United and the Eastern Brush Painting Club, Stockton University’s Korean Student Organization (KSO) also tabled at the Phoenix Night Market. Their table featured items like popular Korean snacks, and visitors were invited to play ddakji, a traditional Korean game involving paper tiles that were recently popularized through Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Squid Game series. When asked about the club, KSO president Yuvin Kim said “KSO is a space for those interested in Korean culture to come together and hang out, regardless of one’s background.”

Stockton University’s Queer and Trans People of Color Society (QTPOCS) also tabled at the event and provided flyers with club information and resources. When asked about their experiences with taking part in the event, club officer Molly Keane stated that “we [QTPOCS] are so grateful to be here at such an inclusive event. We appreciate this opportunity to be a part of the Phoenix Night Market and we hope to take part in similar events in the future.”

When asked about the planning and execution of the Phoenix Night market, ASA’s Khayla Wehman responded as follows: 

“Phoenix Night Market is very special to Asian Student Alliance. This event is a way to bring the Stockton community together to learn about Asian culture through food, amazing performances, and activities. We have spent months preparing this event in hopes of creating a memorable time for everyone since we did not get to have it in person last year. ASA is really proud of how Phoenix Night Market turned out. We would like to thank all of the clubs, performers, and restaurants who were able to help make this event happen!”

For more information about Stockton ASA, their Ospreyhub page can be found here.

To learn more about KSO, they can be reached by email at, or at their Instagram page, @stockton_kso. 

More information about QTPOCS can be found on their Instagram page, @stockton.qtpocs .