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Longhorn Steakhouse lassoes old Americana to South Jersey

Longhorn Steakhouse, a classic chain restaurant about 14 minutes away from Stockton University offers a wide variety of meals, appetizers, and sides. 

If you are doing “Hot Girl Days” now, get-togethers, takeout, or even just want an excuse to treat yourself to a steak dinner, Longhorn Steakhouse is your best bet. They now offer (like many restaurants now do), curbside pickup. 

Longhorn is conveniently located by the Hamilton Mall offering people a night out to enjoy shopping and eating. Anything that needs to be done, bought, or seen, can all be done within a five-mile radius of Longhorn allowing everyone a fun night out. 

Bring your own cowboy hats to the party you can get lost in the different art pieces artistically placed throughout the restaurant to emphasize the feeling of being a cowboy in the midwest. Mounted on the walls are its namesake longhorns, cowboy paintings, and even some creatively placed statues worked into everyday use, the vibes make South Jersey feel like Georgia where the original Longhorn started. 

The only thumbs down this restaurant has is its lack of delivery service to Stockton University. But, with Doordash and Grubhub expanding, there could be a chance it will offer these options to the community soon. 

Want something mildly spicy? Try the affordable spicy chicken bites on the appetizer, big enough to share with friends and study groups. It may be marketed as spicy, but if you’re a friend to heat, this will not make you flinch. 

But, don’t skimp out on the sides. Vegetables may be an enemy to many, but smashed crispy brussel sprouts coated in spiced honey are one of the essential sides to have. Along with bacon mac and cheese, think Panera but better and closer to campus. These sides are considered “legendary” for a reason. 

Rare, Medium, or Well, Longhorn Steakhouse won’t judge your preferences (we might though). The classic choice to go with is the Flo’s Filet, but wanting to budget because you got the sides I recommended? Try the Renegade Sirloin, a similar steak for a fraction of the cost. But, don’t worry any steak or topping you get is worth every penny. 

Longhorn certainly lives up to its mission of “delivering great food and great service”.

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