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Bento Mama’s provides students a bang for their buck

You just got out of class. Your stomach is rumbling. None of the meals in N-Wing seems to fit your appetite and you can’t deal with waiting in the food court line today. Maybe you can order door dash, but is it worth spending $30 on one meal? If you ever find yourself in this situation, you aren’t the only one. Besides settling for campus grub, try out Bento Mamas in the Galloway Exchange.

Located conveniently on Jimmie Leeds Road, Bento Mamas is a Japanese eatery that provides a bang for your buck. Their menu starts off with staple appetizers such as gyoza dumplings, spring rolls, tofu tempura and more. The large selection of entrees includes varieties of ramen, teriyaki, curry rice bowls and even burgers! To top it off, don’t forget to order milk tea, fruit tea or yogurt drinks!

Bento Mama’s in Galloway, just around the corner from campus. Photo courtesy of @bento.mamas1 on Facebook.

When I first arrived, I couldn’t help but smile from the infectious kindness given by the staff. I glanced over the menu and knew I obviously had to order a bento box. The salmon curry bento box sounded too good to pass up.

Other protein options included chicken, short rib, shrimp, eel, beef and even tofu or mixed veggies. As I waited for my order and roamed around The Exchange, I knew I was going to have to come back to review all the other restaurants as well. Greens & Grains, Flavors, and Home Sweet Home all create the coziest ambiance to enjoy lunch on any given afternoon.

When my bento box finally hit the table, I was already wiping up my drool. It’s not just any cute, regular bento box, this truly is a bento MAMA. The box included a side salad with ginger dressing, broccoli, and two spring rolls. Of course, I also ordered an additional side of chicken gyoza. Originally, I thought they would be steamed gyozas, but to my surprise, the golden crispy fried dumplings did not disappoint.

My grand total for lunch was 23.19. After seeing how large the bento box was, I doubted that I needed an appetizer in the first place. Their boxes range from $11 to $15, the priciest box being their Teriyaki Eel.

At Bento Mamas, you can taste the love in the food. The combinations of bento boxes are endless. Their eye-catching display amplifies the experience. The best part of it all: if you’ve got to schoolwork to catch up on, they have enough seating for you and the whole study group.