Campus Life

On-campus banking is no longer an option for Wells Fargo users

Walking through the Campus Center and down to the food court one may look to their right and find a now-empty office next to a Wells Fargo ATM. The ATM is the last standing portion of a contract that Stockton University had with Wells Fargo in order to have banking on campus.

Since 2011, Wells Fargo has had a branch of its bank in the Campus Center as a way for students and faculty to have a way to make banking transactions on campus. Prior to Wells Fargo being on campus all banking services were provided by a Wachiova branch that had been located within G wing. The Wells Fargo branch had temporarily closed when the coronavirus pandemic had struck in March of 2020, but it quickly became apparent that this would be the last time the branch would be opened. 

A year after the start of the pandemic, Wells Fargo had informed Stockton that the permanent branch would be closing as a result of Wells Fargo staffing policy changes.  Stockton began to randomly poll students about how this closure may affect them.

Jennifer Potter, Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer, said, “None of the students polled had any issue with the closing of the bank as most banking-related transactions can be handled through online banking and via mobile devices. About half of the students polled did not even know there was a branch bank on campus.”

While the bank is no longer located on campus, there are still multiple Wells Fargo ATMs located around both main campus and Atlantic City. For those looking for these ATMs, there is one located in the Campus Center across from the food court, and another is located inside Lakeside Lodge on the other side of campus. Student in Atlantic City can find the ATM within the John F. Scarpa Academic Center. Commuters who may need to access a physical Wells Fargo can find the closest one on S Pomona Road across the street from the nearby Wawa.