Dance Team holds title for best DIII Team in the nation

Written for The Argo by Morgan Pizagno

Even though the Dance Team is not recognized by the  NCAA, Stockton University registers them as a student organization through the Office of Student Development. This means they are still part of the school, but are technically a student run team. Since they are a student run team, the dancers work extra hard to plan practices, travel expenses, and competitions. Although this is a huge commitment, it drives the dancers to success.

Even with these challenges, the Stockton Dance Team is still competing regionally and nationally. They practice almost everyday, creating numerous acts, and travel the country to compete against some of the best universities. Even during the pandemic they found a way to practice and make their way down to nationals. 

In 2019, the team became nationally ranked for the first time ever, and in 2020, became the top open division jazz team in the Northeastern United States. But they didn’t stop there, in April 2021, the Stockton University Dance Team ranked 2nd in the nation in both Open Hip Hop and Open Jazz and continue to hold that title. 

Being a student-athlete as well as running your own team takes dedication. They have to put in a great amount of time into the sport. Their hard work definitely paid off. They made it to nationals and continue to hold these amazing titles. 

The dance team is not like any other sport here at Stockton. They are unique. Being a self run team involves a lot of extra work. Their dedication has made them stronger and has brought them closer together as a family. The dance team is not finished yet so make sure you don’t miss their upcoming competitions!

The dance team has a virtual competition in December and then are back on the stage in January for Battle of the Northeast Competition. Then they make their way to Disney to compete at Nationals once again. You can find the dance team and hear about their upcoming events on their instagram page, @stocktonuniversitydt. On their page, they have links for their Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube Channel. Go get your groove on and check out their competition videos and go watch them kill it!