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Lack of weekend cleaning services frustrates residents

Written for The Argo by Kelsey Lauckner

Stockton students, specifically freshmen in Housing 2 and 3, are developing an increasing frustration with the bathroom cleaning service, as well as the carelessness towards the communal bathrooms from peers on their floor. 

Many students are not familiar with the fact that the university’s cleaning service does not come on the weekends, and it is up to the floor to keep the bathroom intact from Friday to Monday morning. While they are cleaned every morning during the week, they still manage to become an unpleasant environment by the evening. When the weekend comes and they aren’t cleaned for several days, students begin to feel uncomfortable, as if their sanitary values are a low priority. 

“Every single day there is hair on the walls of the shower and in the drain, and the sink countertops are always left disgusting. When I try to wash my hands the drain is clogged, and there are paper towels thrown all over the bathroom,” first year student Alyssa Zeltzer commented. 

Health and hygiene are a very important aspect of people’s lives, and it’s something that matters when choosing Stockton. Especially during times of COVID-19 when people are more concerned about their well-being, feeling safe and comfortable in the bathroom is a priority. 

“I wish people knew that there is no bathroom cleaning service on the weekends so that it didn’t get trashed so quickly. It has to last for quite some time, and it’s frustrating how it becomes a place you don’t want to be in,” first year student Gianna Viola noted. 

Although bathrooms only being cleaned on weekdays is something unlikely to change, it would be easy to support creating a system per floor that helps keep the bathrooms a relatively pleasant environment. The students are responsible for how the condition of the area changes, and getting everyone on the same page by expressing individual concerns could help make the bathroom a more hygienic experience.