Career Corner

Local software solutions company provides internship opportunities

Since 1972, Edmunds GovTech, once known as Edmunds & Associates, has been all about making connections. Whether among clients or their own team, the company founded by Robert R. Edmunds has always valued both innovation and customer service. On Tuesday, Oct. 5, Edmunds GovTech held a career fair at their Northfield, NJ headquarters to promote career and internship opportunities, and share their story with potential candidates. 

This local software solutions company is not only focused on implementing software for their clients, but providing the support clients need to use it effectively, such as for business payroll. Robert R. Edmunds son, Bob Edmunds, was named owner in 1993 and contributed to the innovation of the Edmunds MCSJ Software Solutions that currently guides their services. Today, local government agencies in 26 states are within the company’s client base.

Students of various educational backgrounds could find an opportunity for growth at the company. Edmunds GovTech offers both internship and career opportunities in Customer Support, Sales Development, Software Development, and Implementation Consulting.

The company greatly focuses on internal growth. Students beginning their journey as an intern may find themselves in a full-time position after they graduate. No matter where you start, there is no shortage of learning experiences.

The Edmunds GovTech team exudes the passion of their mission and work culture. Their staff, some of which have years of company experience, are proud of the team they work for and the personal growth they have gained over the years.

“You can make your own destiny,” said Lisa Canonico, the company’s HR manager. The close-knit team environment felt like family from her first day with the company. Today, she is thrilled to see new employees grow and create their own journey at Edmunds GovTech.

Canonico encourages students to look for what a company has to offer during their career search. Considering team environment, benefits, time-off policies, and employee evaluations are valuable in finding your ideal career fit.

“You want to look for some place that makes you feel like your part of the team, part of the family,” added Canonico.

Regardless of your major, the opportunities within Edmunds GovTech are endless. Although Software Development would expect a skills-based background, entry-level positions such as Customer Support Specialist can be any student or recent graduates’ starting point. This could eventually lead to promotions within the company and new learning opportunities.

“As you grow, we grow,” said Canonico.

The team’s pride and loyalty to the company speaks for itself. Jeff Stout, vice president of Customer Support, has grown with the company for 22 years. Stout has found a solid work culture within Edmunds GovTech and has been able to explore different departments over the years.

Vice President of Product Development Vito Paladino, who started with the company right after college graduation, has also seen the possibilities of working locally with Edmunds GovTech in his 33 years of service. “You can do real software development and stay in this area,” he said.

Stockton alum and Marketing Coordinator Taylor Bolton shared her experiences with the company since she graduated from Stockton. She began three years ago as an intern and truly found a home at Edmunds GovTech as she pursued her MBA degree at Stockton. 

She emphasizes that the valuable opportunity to transfer between departments provides many unique learning opportunities. “You can grow the skills you have already learned in the support role,” said Bolton, as she described growing from entry-level positions.

She highly recommends that current students pursue internships during their college journey. For Bolton, an internship was her gateway into a wonderful career experience.

Bolton and Canonico will be representing Edmunds GovTech at Stockton’s virtual internship fair on Thurs., Oct. 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. They will also attend the virtual career fair on Thurs., Oct. 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Students will have access to the company’s general session and group chats with department representatives.

Canonico suggests interested students should visit the company’s website to search for current internship openings and learn more about Edmunds GovTech.