Interim Athletic Director Anthony Berich talks goals for Stockton

Written for The Argo by Jovan Chang

On June 30, 2021 Stockton University said goodbye to its Executive Director of Athletics Kevin Mchugh. While Mchugh’s tenure ended on June 30, it wouldn’t be until August 9 that Stockton would hire interim Athletic Director in Anthony C. Berich. 

Berich, originally a finalist for the job when it first opened up four years ago, brings a plethora of experience to the job. Prior to his three year run as the Athletic Director of Randolph College, he was the Director of Athletics and Recreation for a decade at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as Assistant Athletic Director for Philadelphia University, now a part of Thomas Jefferson University. 

According to Berich there is no precise timeline for how long he will remain the interim director, but he is certainly very excited at the prospect of becoming the permanent athletic director. 

“I hope to continue to grow the department in the right direction,” said Berich. “We have so much potential at Stockton and I hope to help our coaches reach that potential and achieve their goals.” 

As for any immediate plans for the university’s athletic programs Berich is more focused on taking a day by day approach. 

“Once I am comfortable that I have my feet firmly under me, I will assess where, if any, changes need to be made and proceed from there,” Berich said. “We have a ton of talented, dedicated, and experienced people in athletics that I am relying on to help with the acclimatization process.”

However, even as Berich is taking some time to become accustomed to Stockton, that does not mean he is not thrilled to help the school reach its highest potential as soon as possible. “We have a tremendous amount of resources and there is no reason we cannot compete on a national level athletically,” Berich said. 

As for what he is most excited about, Berish values the opportunity to work at such an outstanding institution that strongly values athletics. Berich is also very grateful to Dr. Kesselman and Dr. Davenport for the opportunity to prove himself. 

“They have been incredible with their support since I arrived and I am grateful to call Stockton home,” Berich said.