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Taste of Cultures event brings cultural awareness to Stockton

Students serving platters of food. Photo courtesy of Austin Reid.

On September 25, students sampled dishes from around the world in the Taste of Cultures event at the Atlantic City Garden Quad. SPACES, Student Development, and La Mesa partnered together to make this event possible for Stockton students.  SPACES is a newer organization at Stockton University and aims to make the Stockton Community feel supported, welcomed, and help position them to reach their greatest potential.

La Mesa and Spaces have the same goal of being able to achieve cultural immersion and understanding between differences. Student Development believes that through these events students are able to learn and develop as individuals. 

The food represented diversity in global cultures. With a live DJ blasting through the speakers, students indulged in chips and salsa, jerk chicken, stewed chicken, and even tandoori.

Later on in the evening a live cooking demonstration was offered, as well as free giveaways with baskets stuffed with goodies and other prizes. 

Different students and vendors were eager to share food across different cultures. Pamphlets were handed out to those who would be interested in the future for take-out or a dining experience at some of the food that was being sampled. 

This experience did capture a Taste of Cultures by offering Jamaican, Indian, Mexican, and some classic American dishes. Whoever gets bored of Mac-N-Cheese? 

A Taste of Culture was able to offer a fun experience for students and friends to try and test their comfort zones with different cuisines. It was a successful partnership between organizations. Hopefully, this won’t be the last students see of them and their cuisine.