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Students react to state aid causing tuition increase

Written for The Argo by Kristina Lam

Recently, the state government provided a major increase in aid to Stockton in the fiscal 2021-22 budget. 

This resulted in the Board of Trustees approving a 2% increase in tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year. Because of this, students will have a better chance at receiving aid, especially from the Student Assistance Fund that helps with unexpected expenses that can get in the way of students completing their courses. 

What does this mean for the university going forward? Why did Stockton raise tuition?

Jacqueline Hutton, a senior majoring in Psychology, said, “I think that Stockton will be able to accept more low-income students by accommodating them.” According to Hutton, college is a business and the students are the customers. She said, “If I learned anything, a college’s goal is to make a maximum profit and image.” 

Alex Rodz, a senior Criminal Justice major, believes, “The university may have more funds to distribute to aid more students.” Her answers were called out, “I believe that the university raises tuitions still because they feel an obligation to stay competitive with other universities.” Rodz also adds “I believe this increase should be utilized for more scholarships and resources that directly benefit students.”

Shelly Luu, a junior Health Science major, added, “more to aids to students activities and fundings for a scholarship.” Shelly Informs in a simple answer, 

Some students like junior Health Science major Shelly Luu, think that the increase in tuition will have no benefit at all to students, despite the way it will increase chances of students receiving aid. 

“The money mostly goes to making new buildings,” said Luu. “They are trying to expand newer buildings without recognizing that students are the reasons they need the aid for tuition.”