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Alum Dan Adams shares his journey from college to career success

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As a student, you are beginning your professional journey at Stockton, and likely pondering what awaits after graduation. You are building your path through the formative steps and decisions you are making today. For Stockton alum Dan Adams, his beginning steps at Stockton paved the way for his career in digital entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency, and aims to share his journey with students.

Dan Adams sitting by the water. Photo courtesy of Rob Stein.
Dan Adams sitting by the water. Photo courtesy of Rob Stein.

He returned to Stockton’s campus on Thursday, September 16 to teach an informational session on digital entrepreneurship as it relates to cryptocurrency with his business partner, Hersh Anand.

Students explored the basics of cryptocurrency, growing technologies in the field, and how this currency is used around the world. Several careers will arise from these technologies, which is an important takeaway for students.

Arriving at his current role in digital entrepreneurship actually started during Adams’s time at Stockton. Two of his friends on campus were particularly influential: his current business partner Hersh Anand, and one of his fraternity brothers, Jason Brown. Adams was introduced directly into the industry by Anand, from whom he gained support throughout his journey. Working closely with Brown and witnessing his impact first-hand inspired Adams as well.

“You never know who you may meet,” he said.

Amongst trading and investing in the foreign exchange space as Strategic Business Growth Specialist, much of Adams’s time is spent educating others in the industry. His prime focus is helping others; This includes advocating for student success, setting up events, and networking. Overall, his goal is to help others obtain value from education in the industry.

The success of his everyday life stems from skills he has improved upon during his career. The biggest key to his success? Consistency. Whether going to class, learning a new skill, or any task, Adams emphasizes that consistency through discipline is key.

Emotional intelligence, especially the ability to face challenges with poise, is also significant. Too, being accountable for the tasks you take on is undoubtedly important. Because of his leadership-focused role, accountability commands a significant role in his business. In Adams’s experiences, the first steps toward a career in business or entrepreneurship are rooted in your connections with others.

“Tap into your existing network,” Adams said. Explore the opportunities available, and dive into the stories of what others are up to in their field. He noted, “Networking has been key to my success, in all phases of my life.”

Digital networking surely plays a role as well, according to Adams. He suggests tapping into digital channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook to eventually foster in-person interactions.

He believes finding what you enjoy doing will lead to creating a career of passion. This starts with meeting as many people as possible, and finding role models or mentors for inspiration. Honing strengths are also huge steps in the career journey, which has served Adams greatly in his experiences.

Along the way, there is much that working in his industry has taught Adams over time.

“I always need to keep learning,” Adams said. A growth mindset is very important in both the industries of cryptocurrency and digital entrepreneurship, as both are rapidly changing.

He mentioned that going the extra mile to exceed someone’s expectations can create positive experiences for others, and ultimately build your credibility. From a business perspective, creating these positive experiences is also related to the systems that govern businesses.

Empathy, he stresses, has also been another learned skill in his business experiences. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care,” Adams said. Leading by example is certainly among these learned lessons.

“That’s the first step of leadership,” Adams added.

Ultimately, he believes desire is the distinguishing factor among graduating students stepping into the workforce. The time and persistence that a student dedicates to advancing toward their goals builds the gateway to their success. Once students have launched their career, Adams urges students to look for opportunities to add value in their careers. 

“The key to success is to provide value,” he said. According to Adams, adding value to a career, with passion and skill, will all contribute to long-term success.

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