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AC campus hosts annual Student Day of Service-Learning

Written for The Argo by Kirsten Collins

On Saturday, September 11, the Atlantic City campus held a Student Day of Service-Learning event in the Academic Center from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The students gave away a plethora of free clothes and food to Atlantic City’s residents. Groups of volunteers went from door to door, handing out flyers and encouraging residents to come empty-handed and return with their arms full of donations. The students not only gave to the community but also received much in return.

Tables covered with clothes donated at the Student Day of Service-Learning. Photo courtesy of Kirsten Collins.
Tables covered with clothes being donated at the Student Day of Service-Learning event. Photo Courtesy of Kirsten Collins.

Along with seven hours of community service, the students received breakfast, lunch, and t-shirts. Most importantly, they gained profound knowledge of Atlantic City’s history from Richard E. Bjork’s librarian, Heather Perez. 

Perez told students, “In order to properly serve the [Atlantic City] community and help pave the way for a brighter future, you must learn about their past.” 

Students learned everything from Atlantic City’s first settlers to its path to prominence (as many songs, movies, and games allude to it). However, their education did not stop there.

In addition to diving into the history of Atlantic City, the students examined the city’s artistic feats at the university’s Noyes Art Garage. From abstract art to a walk-in time capsule of Black American history, students learned “the impact the community has on the creative [endeavors] of artists and how their resulting works inspire the community,” says Michael Cagno, Executive Director of the museum. Amid this never-ending cycle of inspiration, the students exercised their own creative abilities by decorating glass tiles for families to use as coasters. 

If you are interested in inspiring the community and being inspired by it, you can find Student Day of Service-Learning events, much like this one, on the Osprey Hub. Spread the word to your fellow Ospreys and community members who are in need.