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Opinion: top ten ways to stay positive during a pandemic

Coronavirus and the hardships of this past year have affected everyone in different ways. However, for everyone, isolation is hard. Stress is as at an all time high for students, parents, teachers, essential workers, and non essential workers. Because of this, it is important to remember the positives.

Let’s look at some top ways we can improve our physical, mental, and emotional health during this time.

10. Learn a Musical Instrument

Now is the perfect time to learn something new. What could be more fun and entertaining then learning a musical instrument? Whether it be the horn, strings, or keys there’s something for everyone. Guitars and keyboards have been leaving store shelves amid the pandemic. Today, it’s even easier to learn an instrument with plenty of online teachers. Maybe you have an instrument laying around that you’ve never got around to using or need to invest in one, why not show off another skill set to your repertoire?

9. Adopt a Pet

Wanting to add another member to your family this year? (The four legged kind.) Pet adoptions have soared since the start of the pandemic. If you are willing to take on the role of being a pet parent, there are some things you should know about the adoption process. Most animal shelters are closed and are instead hosting virtual meet and greets. Your local shelter can provide you with more information on how they are handling adoptions during the pandemic.

8. Try New Recipes

Taste buds craving something new? Why not whip out an old recipe book and try out a favorite recipe of yours. Don’t have a book? There are plenty of chef-taught online classes you can take to help you cook that certain mouth watering dish. With the holidays right around the corner and the weather getting colder, comfort food is on the rise. Wouldn’t a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies hit the spot right about now? Take a day off to cook up one of your favorite home-cooked meals now. Become the resident chef you always envisioned.

7. Read

It’s never a bad time to catch up on some of your favorite books. Whether its mystery, comedy, action, and or romance, there’s sure to be an adventure that awaits for everyone. Research has shown that reading fiction is more effective in relieving stress than listening to music, sipping tea, and or taking a walk. Now more than ever when stress is at an all time high for most, it’s never a bad option to pick up an old book laying around,  take a ride to your local bookstore, buy one online, and or listen to an audio book.

6. Meditate

There’s never a better time to let out one of your deepest “OM’s.” Meditation is an important meta-skill that improves everything else. This pandemic has changed the way we all live. Healthcare workers may be overwhelmed, careers have taken a dramatic turn for many, households are spending a lot of time together in a closed space, children and adolescents have lost the structure provided by schools, and more. Take a good half hour a day to clear your mind. You’ll feel recharged and ready to take on the rest of your day. Don’t stress but distress today.

5. Take an online course

Eager to learn something new? Why not take up on an online course? Here’s a list of courses that will make you “More Successful in 2020.” Today, lots of us have so much down time but aren’t using it to our advantage. Online courses can be great if you’re looking for a career change or just want to learn something that interests you. For example, learning a new language, culinary arts, or even just a basic humanities course. Enroll in one today and you could feel good that you did.

4. Check in with family and friends

Don’t leave them hanging! During this time it is important that we stay connected with our family members and friends. Having an outlet to share your experiences can be comforting for when we are feeling lonely at times. Here’s an article on how to check in with someone during this time. Suicide rates are higher than usual during this time and knowing that you’re never alone is important. Reach out to a family member or friend today to check up on them. They most likely need it as much as you. You’ll both feel that much needed pick me up.

3. Binge Watch your favorite TV shows/Movies

It’s time to catch up on your favorite TV shows/movies. Whether it be missed episodes of your favorite shows or movies that you enjoy. Warm up a fresh batch of popcorn and hit the couch for some much needed entertainment. Invest in a Netflix or Hulu account if you haven’t already and get to streaming.

2. Start Some Home Improvement Projects

Need to de-clutter and reorganize? Whether your house needs a makeoverr or deserves some simple repairs, renovation is the way to go. Projects that might have been on hold for years can finally be completed. Don’t procrastinate any longer—take some time to sturdy up your house and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

  1. Exercise

That’s right, number one is exercise. Exercise is vital to staying healthy, especially during a pandemic. This will improve not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. Getting away from our normal routines to exercise can be a major stress reliever. Here are some of the best home workout options.

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