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Show Me Your Records: Stockton alum and music writer Sarah Holt

Sarah shows off her copy of Whip-Smart by Liz Phair. Courtesy of Sarah Holt.

Anyone that knows Stockton alum Sarah Holt can attest to her expertise in music. A singer and songwriter for the band Molly Ringworm, former host of a show on WLFR during her time at Stockton, and music writer for UK-based arts magazine PILOT, Sarah certainly has her hands in the industry.

This new series of articles profiles people in the Stockton community, whether they’re professors, students, or alumni, and simply asks them to show off the music that means the most to them. There are few folks that embody such a story as well as Sarah, as you’ll find out when you read about the records she chose for this piece.

  1. Liz Phair – “Whip-Smart” (see above).

Sarah: It was hard to choose between “Whip-Smart” and “Exile in Guyville,” but ultimately I picked this album because the physical copy is so special: a 1994 pressing on white vinyl. Liz Phair is a really important artist to me; a lot of her songs deal with her struggle in a male-dominated rock music world, and she’s not afraid to curse about it. She’s also a really important voice sharing narratives about women’s sexuality. “Support System” is one of my most listened-to songs of all time, and her bouncy melodies with lyrics like “I was a Star Trek crew member with my Beatle boots and my Super 8” are on perpetual repeat in my head. 

Courtesy of Sarah Holt.

2. Joni Mitchell – “For The Roses”

Sarah: I feel like I’m never not talking about this album. I could go on about it forever, so I have to limit myself. Hands down, my favorite Joni record. I think it’s because it’s her most angsty. It’s full of songs dissecting failed relationships, wanting to express yourself in ways your family might not understand, and hating on celebrity culture and the commodification of art. I don’t think anyone puts as much raw emotion into their music as Joni. “Lesson in Survival” makes me cry every time.

Courtesy of Sarah Holt.

3. Sad13 – “Haunted Painting”

Sarah: This is one of my favorite releases of 2020. Sad13 is the solo pop project of Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz. She’s a master of melody. The album is full of earworms and electric sitar solos. Really doesn’t get more sick than that.

Courtesy of Sarah Holt.

4. SEATBELTS – Cowboy Bebop Original Series Soundtrack

SARAH: This is my most recent purchase and most recent release (Milan Records just put out a pressing of this on Friday.) Definitively the best anime soundtrack, full of crazy energetic jazz tunes and lonesome western harmonica tracks. It should be illegal for New Jersey drivers to play this in the car, you feel like you’re in a space race. 

Courtesy of Sarah Holt.

5. The Bangles – S/T EP

Sarah: The first time listening to this EP rocked my world. I would have never guessed the same band would go to make “Walk Like An Egyptian.” It’s so sixties garage inspired; they’re all dressed like mods in the video for the first track “The Real World,” and the second trach “I’m In Line” is the greatest “Taxman” rip-off.

*BONUS* Klark Kent – “S/T 10-inch”

Courtesy of Sarah Holt.

Klark Kent is the alter ego of Stewart Copeland, former drummer of The Police. He released this punk/new wave offering in 1980, the only release under that name. It’s not hard to see why.

Sarah: They really didn’t think the design through…

There’s a Simpsons clip for this… You can view it here.

Keep up with Sarah’s many different projects by following her on Instagram: @mollyringworm. You can also listen to a Spotify playlist with music from Sarah’s picks HERE.