Election Day flashback: Stockton’s first-time voters participate in historic turnout

Written for The Argo by Elana Augustus

This year’s elections have been different from the rest. In this year’s election, we were amid a pandemic and a world breaking number of new voters. Studies have shown that the least likely to vote are young people.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

This election was the complete opposite. A poll released Monday by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics surveyed 18- to 29-year-olds and found that 63% said they would “definitely” vote in the election (compared with 47% in 2016).

Stockton University has many new voters of its own. “The feeling of voting this election was powerful, but at the same time nerve wracking,” said Stockton sophomore and first-time voter Jalynn White, 19. “For this election I did the mail in ballot, and I made sure to fill out everything carefully, and appropriately.”

“Violence is a possibility with this election, and being a black woman with everything going on in society today I am sure to watch my back,” said White.

Above: Stockton student Michael Killebrew votes in Sicklerville, NJ, on Nov 3.

Another first-time voter, sophomore Michael Killebrew, 20, showed up to vote. He said he would never forget the experience.

“Even though it was the early morning times, voting felt like a thrill,” said Killebrew. “Being a first time voter was kind of worrisome because I did not want to mess up my ballot. Poll workers thankfully helped me and made sure I filled everything out efficiently and correctly.”

Young people have continued to show up in record numbers to do their part.

“I am one of those voters that don’t like either candidate just because they don’t express the same views I have,” said Killebrew. “I do believe that everyone should vote, even if it’s not for someone who expresses all of your views.”

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