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Literature program celebrates end of semester with LITT Bash and fanfiction fundraiser

Written for The Argo by Victoria Orlowski

On April 28th, Stockton’s Literature Program hosted the LITT Bash, an annual event in which Literature faculty and students gather to recognize each other’s hard work as the spring semester comes to a close. This year’s LITT Bash consisted of a literature-based trivia game, senior recognition, the announcement of new Sigma Tau Delta (STD) inductees, and the bestowal of writing awards.

After a series of welcoming remarks from Literature faculty members—namely, Professors Nathan Long, Thomas Kinsella, Adelaine Holton, Jacob Camacho, and Kristin Jacobson—students enjoyed refreshments and gathered into small trivia teams. Each team worked together to answer 10 literary trivia questions relating to this coursework, ranging from places that poet Walt Whitman frequented to Lord of the Rings factoids. One table—dubbed “Hot Gurl Table 2.0” in honor of its equally-triumphant predecessor, “Hot Gurl Table” from last year’s LITT Bash—was declared the first-place winner, and its members Elizabeth Myers, Sarah Coe, Victoria Orlowski, Kyle Annasenz, Jennah Figueroa, Mary Reitmeyer, and Ivan and Ana Beste chose from a selection of novels as their prizes. The second-place winner was a team named “Tiny Pen,” whose name meant to honor the tiny pen they were given to complete their trivia form.

Afterward, eligible Literature students were honored with a series of writing awards. The writing awards consisted of the Feyt/Armstrong Award for the best critical essay over five pages, the Joseph Marthan Award for the best critical essay under five pages, the James Baldwin Fiction Award, the Audre Lorde Poetry Award, and the Judy Copeland Creative NonFiction Award. Students from throughout the program—which included Mary Reitmeyer, Jose Aparicio, Julia Hill, Victoria Orlowski, and Jennah Figueroa—were presented their awards and met with applause.

The evening ended by recognizing the Literature seniors graduating and then recognizing the honorees who joined Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society. Four of the graduating seniors in attendance included Kyle Annasenz, Franchesca Witzak, Jennah Figueroa, and Allison Truax.

Following the LITT Bash, Stockton’s Literature Club hosted its annual Bad Fanfiction Read-a-Thon fundraiser in the Campus Center Theater. The Read-a-Thon is an event targeted towards raising money and awareness for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The event was fully catered, and all in attendance were encouraged to come up on stage and read their own bad fanfictions, or pieces that they found online. 

The event opened with an original One Direction fanfiction play, written by a former Literature Club member known solely as “Melvin.” Club members from last year’s performance reprised their roles as members of the band, much to the amusement of the audience. Audiences broke out into bursts of laughter over Literature Club’s co-president Jennah Figueroa’s Harry Styles impression, as well as member Annie Paxson’s comedic narration.

When the opening was over, each student had a chance to read from their choice of fanfiction. These works involved popular characters and series such as Twilight, Harry Potter, and even one about Alvin and the Chipmunks. If you are interested in joining Literature Club or participating in future Bad Fanfiction Read-a-Thons, be sure to take a look on Osprey Hub for more information.