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Q: How do I make the best of an internship?

A: Summer is around the corner, so many people will be beginning internships at different places. It’s important to be highly prepared for such internships because proper preparation prevents poor performance. The first way to prepare for your internship is to be open-minded. Internships should be prioritized as learning opportunities before being considered as a source of income. You are going for that internship to acquire useful knowledge and experience that will place you at an edge above others. So, it is necessary to open up your mind to learning new things.

Also, you must make sure to be a good record taker. The point of learning is defeated when you cannot account for your experiences or knowledge gained. Consequently, it helps to always have a notepad and pen around you to document all that you learn. For instance, if you are interning at an IT firm, it will be useful to take note of basic things like assembling a computer system or troubleshooting. You are not a robot, so you cannot store everything in your head. However, if you take notes, you can come back to review what you have learned.

Furthermore, you must have the right attitude regarding your work. Values like punctuality, integrity, and diligence are some of the things that make you look attractive to your employer. Displaying these values may even move the employer to retain you after your internship is completed. You must be willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities because you want your employer to see you as an asset to the company instead of a liability.

Finally, you should do your best to enjoy your internship. The internship didn’t choose you, you chose it, so enjoy what you do in order to learn more.

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