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Using edX as a skills acquisition platform— career corner

The educational platform edX is often described as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider. It was created by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May 2012. The platform is home to several college-level courses and has over 40 million users globally as of 2021. Through edX, individuals are able to take courses and receive certificates from over 230 edX-affiliated institutions like Harvard, The University of Texas at Austin, UC Berkeley, and more.

edX operates a user-friendly platform. Students can now earn degrees solely by taking the online courses available. Courses taught on the platform range from project management, to digital marketing, business management, leadership, and many more. edX is also multilingual, catering to individuals in different countries of the world while providing access to over 3000 courses.

Like Coursera and Udemy, edX is a great platform to advance yourself professionally.