Campus Life

Student spotlight: What the HERO of The Year Award has done for past HEROES

Written for The Argo by Faith Assink

The John R. Elliott HERO Campaign recently closed its applications for the 2022-23 Hero of the Year award. The Hero of the Year award is presented annually to a Stockton student who is nominated by their peers for being outstanding designated drivers and role models. Since 2010, Stockton has partnered with the HERO Campaign on the HERO of the Year program. Each year, the winner’s photograph is featured on a HERO highway billboard and digital signs throughout campus. These signs are displayed for a full year until a new Hero of the Year is chosen.

Brianna Chelednik, who won the Hero of the Year Award in 2019, expressed great gratitude for the HERO Campaign. “The benefits of volunteering for the Hero Campaign for our society are numerous. By encouraging the use of designated drivers, I was able to help create a healthier community – priceless,” she explained.

“The Hero Campaign helped me realize that responsible behavior reinforces the importance of taking care of one another, which promotes positive social values and strengthens communities. Ultimately, the Hero Campaign benefits society by promoting safety, responsibility, and a sense of community among individuals,” she said. Chelednik takes great pride in her HERO award, which is currently displayed in her office. 

The HERO of the Year award will be awarded to a current Stockton student in April. Interested in helping the HERO Campaign? Visit their website at to find more information on how you can be a Hero.