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Rabid creature spotted near Lake Fred, students advised to evacuate area

Written for The Rago by Esmeralda Rivera


On Saturday, April 1, a dangerous animal was spotted by students jogging around Lake Fred around 8:15 a.m. Students described this creature as “a small, dangerous mammal” that should be avoided at all costs. One student even commented that its appearance was strange and “rodent-like.”

Stockton’s Galloway Campus authorities searched the area but did not find the unidentified creature. However, based on its diminutive tracks littered with the remains of violently destroyed carrots, many members of the Stockton community are likening it to a member of the rabbit family. It was spotted and tracked along the Dark Path. Students are cautioned to stay away from this area of Lake Fred until Animal Control can intervene.

The creature seems to keep to dark areas and has been spotted most frequently at night. No reports detailing attacks on students at the hands of this creature have been reported; however, eyewitnesses describe its behavior as “hostile” and “erratic.”

It also seems to like carrots, as well as a variety of leafy and root vegetables—a lot. Students must avoid transporting their groceries in the Lake Fred area to prevent the possibility of luring in the beast. If you find any traces of this rabbit-like creature destroying carrots, please contact (123) 456-7890.

The rabid creature bears its teeth as it terrorizes the forests surrounding Lake Fred. Photo courtesy of

The following image is a picture of the creature taken by one of the student witnesses. It may be disturbing for some readers, so reader discretion is advised. Its appearance is very unusual and frightening for some. Please contact the mentioned number if this creature is found: