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Student Senate hosts interest meetings as elections approach

Written for The Argo by Jared Keane

From Monday, March 20, until Thursday, March 24, 2023, Stockton’s Student Senate held interest meetings for students to participate in the upcoming Senate elections for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Student Affairs Chair Andrea Sandoval and Vice President Ben Yandell led the meeting to discuss what the Student Senate is and how elections work. According to Public Relations Committee Chair, Garret Testut, to be a student senator, those who are interested “must have a 2.75 GPA, be available every Tuesday at 4:40 p.m., and win the upcoming elections.”

There are five senators per committee, one of which is the chair of that committee and there are 32 senators currently serving. Student Senators meet to discuss Stockton-related matters involved with each committee; these committees include Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Public Relations, Finance, Governmental Affairs, and Diversity/Inclusion. The last Tuesday of every month is reserved for full meetings, open to the Stockton community.

Elections require candidates to obtain 75 signature votes from other students by March 30, 2023, and campaign for themselves until the election becomes live in mid-April. 

The final two Senate meetings of the semester will be held on March 28 and April 25. Elections will be from April 11 through April 13, 2023.

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