Stockton men’s basketball hosts NCAA playoffs

Campbell (center). Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Stockton men’s basketball hosted the first two rounds of playoffs on Friday, Mar.3, which determined the finalist for Saturday night’s game. At 4 p.m .on Friday, it was Mary Washington versus St. Lawrence. In the second game of the night, Stockton would go against La Roche University. By the end of the night, it was determined both Mary Washington and Stockton were the teams that advanced to the final round.

Mary Washington beat their opponent 69 to 42, while Stockton triumphed over La Roche University, 86 to 70. DJ Campbell(#4) lead the team to victory scoring 38 points, which was the third-highest in school record history. Campbell(#4) led the team with his points per game average of 18.0 and continued to set the pace for the team’s offense. Early on, Campbell (#4) dropped two three with less than five minutes into the game. Rynell Lawrence (#23) and Kyion Flanders(#2) also made contributions scoring 16 and 12 points.

When asked about this season, Campbell stated, “We had a lot of adversity we just had to push through it. I felt like we played hard tonight, we did as well throughout the regular season, but we wanted the NJAC bad. We did not come up [with the win] so now we are just trying to get that national championship.”

Stockton competes in the NCAA playoffs. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Campbell also expressed his gratitude for being able to get one more game with his teammates; “Enjoying my time with my teammates. We’re seniors, we have been here for four years now, so we are just trying to cherish every moment on the court.”

As they continue to prevail, Campbell accredited the team’s success to the work they put in day in and out. “Practice. It starts with practice everything we do in practice simulates the game so however hard we go in practice it translates to the game,” said Campbell.

They now will see another day on the court on Saturday against Mary Washington.