Stockton Dance Company performs at spring concert

Written for The Argo by Zuleika Rodriguez Garcia

Stockton dancers take a bow. Photo courtesy of Zuleika Rodriguez Garcia.

On Thursday, March 2, through Saturday, March 4, Stockton Dance Company held its annual Spring Dance Concert in the Performing Arts Center. This year marked the 43rd anniversary of the event. It was directed by Assistant Professors of Dance Beau Hancock and Caitlin Quinn, as well as Professor of Dance at Stockton, Rain Ross. This concert was also made possible by the two guest artists, Tiffany Mills and Nathaniel Hunt. 

The program consisted of nine pieces, including six premiering numbers. The program itself included a diverse range of genres, allowing members of the Stockton Dance Company to show off the end result of their hard work and commitment. The Spring Dance Concert is meant to challenge the performers and serves to show off the skills they have learned and allow them to really shine, as they most definitely did with the sparkle-covered wear they sported for the closing number. 

The Stockton Dance Company. Photo courtesy of Zuleika Rodriguez Garcia.

The program used creative lighting, dynamic costuming, and props—including flashlights and even chairs—to enhance the performance in engaging ways. The audience was able to engage with the concert, at certain points even clapping along to the rhythm of the music the performers were dancing to. Overall, the Spring Dance Concert allowed the members of the Stockton Dance Company to show the community the product of their creative efforts and dedication.