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Q&A of the week— career corner

Q: How do I utilize connections to secure career opportunities?

A: Today, having connections seems crucial in the working world. Virtually every person you encounter in the workforce is either recommended by or referred to the position by someone else. Therefore, it is safe to say that who you know is fundamental in helping you achieve your career aspirations— some may even argue that your network determines your net worth.

It is important for you to value every relationship you have with those around you, such as family members, fellow students, friends, and teachers, as they may be able to guide you toward future opportunities. These people may also be able to attest to your capacity, efficiency, and performance records as references when you apply for jobs.

Let me wrap up with a hypothetical anecdote of a student who got a job in a blue chip company through his college professor. A young man who had just graduated from college applied for a job in a firm. He had an attractive résumé and cover letter and he had an impressive skillset; however, when he attended the interview, he was asked to present some individuals who can give an impromptu testimony about his prowess on the spot. He then called his college professor, who, unbeknownst to the graduate, knew the CEO in a professional capacity and gave the graduate a glowing review.