Campus Life

On-campus NBA watch party delayed

On Sunday, Feb.19, Stockton’s Entertainment Team (SET) hosts an NBA watch party at the Campus Center Coffeehouse. The event was scheduled for 8 p.m. but was delayed by 20 minutes due to Chartwells’s late arrival. Though many students continued to wait for the event to start, some grew impatient and left prematurely.

Chartwells served pizza at Sunday’s watch party. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Some of the students who stayed expressed their frustrations. Genesis Rincon, “it is very disappointing, I have homework due at 11:59 p.m. Now I feel like grabbing my pizza pie and going.” Rincon was hoping to grab some pizza and chat with her friends for an hour before diving into her assignments, but her plans were altered. Her friend, Jaylah Rolle, had similar thoughts commenting “back in the day there was a saying, “early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable. This is unprofessional.”

Once the food arrived and everyone got settled, students were finally able to sit and enjoy the All-Star game held in Utah. Despite the catering tardiness, the student body enjoyed the food. The boxes of pizza and cookies were devoured as people went up for seconds.

For those that stayed, they witnessed a lively event. Top NBA players were selected for the NBA charity event to raise money for organizations. This year’s recipients were the “Big Brother Big Sisters in Utah” supported by Team Lebron, and Team Giannis represented by “Raised by the Future.” The defense optional style of play was lighthearted and allowed for showboating. Several athletes were dunking, long-range three-pointers were made, and alley-oops were executed. Team Giannis beat Team Lebron, raising $550,000 for “Raised by the Future” and “Big Brother Big Sisters in Utah” will still receive $200,000. Both organizations work with youth. “Raised by the Future’s” mission is to place foster children into permanent homes, whereas, “Big Brother Big Sisters in Utah” provide youth with mentors. This was a successful out and the NBA has already made plans to host the next All-Star event at the Indiana Pacers tournament.