Women’s basketball triumphs over Rutgers-Camden, continues winning streak

The women’s basketball team had a slow start after the winter break and is finally gaining momentum! They beat Ramapo College last weekend, 43-35, and they seem to be finding their rhythm. This past Wednesday, Jan. 25th, away at Rutgers-Camden, they outscored the team, 48-37.

Stockton competes against Ramapo. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

It was tip-off and Stockton took first possession, Madison LaRosa (#22) scored the team’s first 2-points– setting the tone for the rest of the game. The Scarlet Raptors were rattled by Stockton’s full-court pressure, giving Stockton opportunities to score.

Adriyana Jennings (#1) was a key player in this game, cutting to her opponent’s weak side and earning the team four easy points early on. Jennings continued to be a force by leading the team in 12 rebounds and scoring 10 points for the team. Rutgers-Camden was not boxing out, resulting in `10 second chance points for the Ospreys.

Despite Rutgers-Camden’s 2-17 record, the team did not get complacent. The energy shift in this team has been phenomenal and to see what they can do for the remainder of the season is the greatest question.

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