Women’s basketball wins rematch against Ramapo

This weekend, women’s basketball changed gears and defeated Ramapo college with a score of 43-35. Earlier in the season, they had gone into overtime with the Roadrunners and lost by 3 points at 65-68. Osprey Aiya Underwood stated that “we went to overtime last time we played them and I’m like, ‘we can beat them.’ It was just our fouling and our turnovers that killed us that game… if we limit those and we play tough like we did the first we’ll be fine.”

Stockton faces off against Ramapo. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Underwood’s prediction held true. The team reduced its errors and had players scoring in the most crucial moments. Stockton led the second half 20-15 and maintained the lead throughout the game. In this game, they did not let fouls or mistakes get in their head; Nicole Strumolo (#15) dropped two 3-points in the 3rd quarter, increasing her team’s lead. The team’s morale continued to flourish, resulting in a win for the Ospreys. Ionyonia Alves reflected on the team win, saying, “I believe in us, and we came away with a win.”

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