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Student Senate holds emergency meeting amidst senator resignations, announces impeachment

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 4:30 p.m., Stockton’s Student Senate held an emergency full meeting in G137. The emergency meeting was held to appoint and swear in new senators, as well as to discuss other emergency issues that concern the Student Senate, as well as the entire student body.

The meeting started with Vice President Benjamin Yandell taking the attendance of all senators present and President Brianna Bracey welcoming the students to the Spring 2023 semester. She touched briefly on the search for President Harvey Kesselman’s successor, stating that she plans to invite the student body to meet with three candidates on January 27th, January 31st, and February 3rd.

During the meeting, Senator Carson Clemas was sworn into office as a member of the Finance committee. After Clemas’ swearing-in, Bracey announced that she was moving for the impeachment of current Governmental Affairs Chairperson, Senator Irenonsen Eigbe based on four undisclosed offenses, which she said will be discussed by the senate at a later date.

Director of the Office of Student Development, Jeff Wakeman then read the impeachment procedures from the Senate’s constitution and the entire senate agreed to have the hearing the following Tuesday, January 24th. 

Afterward, Bracey gave the various chairpersons an opportunity to present any reports they had. Chairperson of Student Affairs and Finance committee, Senator Andrea Sandoval and Senator Shalayby Parsons had no reports to give; instead, Sandoval welcomed students back from the break. Then, Academic Affairs Chairperson, Senator Monica Rodriguez gave her committee’s report. In her report, she welcomed the students back from break and requested more support for the Student Senate podcast, citing that although the podcast is made to interview faculty members, students can be involved by suggesting faculty members to be interviewed or even coming on themselves to share their experiences.

Governmental Affairs Chairperson, Senator Irenonsen Eigbe stated that her committee is currently planning to visit some local high schools to register eligible seniors to vote. The Public Relations Chairperson, Senator Brandon Wildman asked Senator Garett Testut to speak about the PR’s involvement in the MLK Day of Service on behalf of the committee. Testut declared that the committee connected with representatives of Loveblue and encouraged the Senate to support the organization’s initiatives.

Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson, Senator Joshua Hunte said that his committee is preparing for a new Chairperson transition, as he will be stepping down from the role for Senator Vera Lebon to take over due to personal reasons.

Finally, Assistant Vice President of Engagement and Community Development, Dr. Craig Stambaugh spoke briefly about the aforementioned presidential search, highlighting the need for students to participate actively in the forum that will be set up to meet with the three candidates that have been selected to move forward in the search process. The meeting concluded at 5:19 p.m.