Campus Life

Delta Zeta hosts annual Mr. DZirable pageant: “Under Construction”

Written for The Argo by Esmeralda Rivera

On Tuesday, November 29th, 2022, Stockton’s Delta Zeta hosted their annual competitive pageant between different men’s fraternities called “Mr. DZirable” in the Campus Center Theatre, with the theme “Under Construction”. The pageant was a satisfying success, bringing a large crowd to the theatre to watch, and jars of money to donate to different philanthropies. The event successfully raised $1,662 for the Serious Fun Children’s Network, which specializes in creating summer camp experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families.

APD brothers compete in a hot dog eating contest. Photo courtesy of Esmeralda Rivera.

The volunteers participating in the pageant were Greek and non-Greek members alike, all coming together to share a memorable contest together. The contest was divided into four parts: a collective dance, an introduction with a DZ escort, a Minute To Win It challenge, and a talent show. The 17 contestants not only wowed the crowd but also made them burst into laughter with some interesting performances.

Aside from a handful of randomized challenges in Minute To Win It that had the audience cackling, many of the contestants got creative in their talent performances, showing off some strange comedic shows. Two contestants in particular chose to stomp on Legos and mousetraps barefoot while playing harmonicas. A group of Alpha Phi Delta brothers competed in a hot dog eating contest. And other contestants decided to show off more conventional talents in singing and instrument playing. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable show that surely stuck in everyone’s memory.

Mr. DZirable, Matthew Loguidice, accepts the award and thanks the Delta Zeta sorority and the audience. Photo courtesy of Esmeralda Rivera.

The four awards in this pageant were People’s Choice, Mr. Priceless, First Runner-Up, and Mr. DZirable, the last one being the big winner. Fernando Martinez was chosen by the crowd to earn the People’s Choice award. Steven Acosta earned the Mr. Priceless title, having the most money in his donation jar. Tajimere Roundtree nearly earned as many points as Mr. DZirable from the judges, getting the First Runner-Up prize. Ultimately, it was Matthew Loguidice who won Mr. DZirable. All the contestants had done extremely well and won everyone’s hearts in this contest.

Loguidice was actually convinced by Vice President of Philanthropy, Gianna Weikel, to participate, both sharing one of their courses together. Loguidice is a senior majoring in Biology, and he is not part of any fraternity on campus. “It was cool meeting everybody, I really didn’t think I’d win at all. I just did it, and now I’ll go back to my normal life,” Loguidice commented. He was quite surprised to be named Mr. DZirable, but thoroughly enjoyed his time with the other contestants and Greek members, and despite not having known anyone at first, he made meaningful connections with everyone involved.

The members of the Delta Zeta sorority at Stockton. Photo courtesy of Esmeralda Rivera.

Weikel, a senior in Biology herself, was very happy with how the pageant turned out this year. “I wanted to keep this tradition going,” Weikel stated. “When I got this position, I really wanted to come in and change a few things, and do different things that we’ve never done before. This was something I wanted to keep the same. All the sisters enjoyed it, all the contestants loved being a part of it.” This year’s pageant was in fact different from the others, with the Talent segment recently added to the performance. “Some of them were pretty good; some of them were a little bit out there, but going to the practices with the boys every single week made my week so much better. They always gave me a good laugh, always made me smile, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” Weikel remarked fondly.

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