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Q&A of the week– career corner

Q: How should I appear when going for a job interview?

A: Confidence is important for job interviews and a good way to be confident is to dress your best.  It is best to dress moderately but smartly, rather than overdressing; overdressing for an interview can make it seem like you want to intimidate your interviewer. The first thing to note is that whatever you are wearing to an interview must be comfortable for you and easy for you to move around in. Tight clothes or too loose clothes should be avoided.

For those who identify as men, the best clothing choice would be a plain black, brown, navy blue, or grey suit (not a tuxedo) with a corporate (preferably plain) shirt and nice dress shoes. For those who identify as women, there is a wide variety of clothing to choose from. You can choose between business-casual dresses or pantsuits with dress shoes.

Whatever you wear to an interview, be sure that you are confident and comfortable with what you are wearing. A good trick to use is ‘if you have any doubt or questions about what you want to wear, then don’t wear it!’