Campus Life

Marketing Club hosts resume-building workshop

Written for The Argo by Jared Keane

On Tuesday, November 8th, the Stockton Marketing Club and Dayna DeFiore, Assistant Director of Career Education and Development, collaborated to host a resume-building workshop. The event was open to any Stockton student looking to improve their resumes. Two hiring recruiters were also present and offered to assist students in personally looking over their resumes.

The meeting opened up with a brief introduction about the two major positions that the University is currently hiring students for, such as the open Operations Assistant position at Stockton’s Campus Center.

Bri Halloway, a new recruiter at Sherwin-Williams, offered her experience and advice for resume building. She mentioned that the goal of building a resume is “to highlight your strengths and show your employer that you are someone who they would want to interview.”

Dayna DeFiore then moved on to her top points of any professional resume. She mentioned that “students should create a resume that can market them for the work they are interested in.” She adds the importance of “referencing resume guides on the Stockton website and to reference those resources.”  She indicated that a resume should have relevant information designed for the position in question. Additionally, DeFiore spent a significant amount of time informing students how to design a resume that can easily be read and create a story out of the experience a student has to offer. 

Resume-building workshops are far from the only career-building opportunity offered by the Office of Career Education and Development. For any student interested in developing their resume, or any questions about them, contact Dayna DeFiore at to schedule an appointment and ensure your resume is on the path to success.