Stockton basketball teams host slam dunk contest

Written for The Argo by Rachel Rolle

On October 13th at 7:00 p.m., Stockton’s Men’s and Women’s basketball teams invited fans to showcase their talents in a 3-point contest and the Slam Dunk contest.

For the 3-point contest, the coaches paired male and female athletes together to work towards the highest score. Both had 60 seconds and 6 attempts to shoot from the left & right sideline of the court and at the top of the key. The pair worked together to make 36 shots total. Out of all the partners, seniors Aiya Underwood and Kyion Flanders totaled 30 out of 36 shots scoring the highest out of the 6 partners. “Winning the 3pt contest was fun and definitely a sign of working hard in the preseason from lifts to basketball [practices]” remarked Kyion Flanders.

Stockton students participate in the slam dunk contest. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Flanders has been a vital part of the Men’s basketball team since his freshman year. The senior guard has been named NJAC’s first team twice and was part of the group that made it to the NABC Distract final 4 last year. This player along with his teammate DJ Campbell, NABC’s First Team All-American, will be a sight to see this upcoming season.

The women’s basketball team received some new players and has a lot of returners looking forward to the NJACs this year. “Something from the off-season that carried into this season was our coaches sending us inspirational videos and quotes to get us thinking about our personal goals and how we can be better teammates. Her reinforcing our team culture has helped us all get on the same page for where we wanna go,” said Underwood.

The Dunk contest was another exciting part of the event. The men’s team participated in the event, and most if not all were standing above 6ft. Their height and wingspan gave them the advance, yet their athletic ability amazed the crowd as the athletes soared through the air.

Look out for the team’s first home games! The women’s first home game is November 17th, and the men’s is November 22.