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Q : How should I contact an employer, and what should I contact them about?

A : Confidence should be the watchword of anyone who intends to contact an employer. The misconception most people have about contacting an employer is that it should be done only while searching for a job. The truth, however, is that you can contact an employer anytime to understand your professional goals and to ask questions. To contact an employer, you need to understand what your intentions are and be ready to pitch them clearly. Also, be ready to ask and answer lots of questions. If you are contacting the employer for a job position, ask questions about what the job entails, and how it will add value to your professional portfolio. These kinds of questions show the employer that you are not just interested in financial compensation, but you are also concerned about how you can grow and contribute to the company’s development. Additionally, be sure to set boundaries with potential employers. Setting boundaries early on prevents surprises or potential acts of ‘insubordination’ once the job is acquired.