Campus Life

Residential Oasis for Intercultural Engagement brings Fusion Experience to Stockton

Written for The Argo by Rachel Rolle

On Thursday, October 6th, 2022, Stockton University hosted the Fusion Experience. The event showcased a variety of cultural traditions encouraging students to learn about different backgrounds. It was hosted in a 154,000-square-foot room containing international flags and different cuisines from all over the world. 

The event hosted a variety of cultural organizations, such as The Caribbean Student Association (CSA). President Anna Delva, Vice president Lynnsey Raphael, and Secretary Jasmine Jourdian stood by their table proudly representing the Caribbean Islands. Raphael expressed her excitement for being able to showcase the CSA because this “was the first time in two years we [CSA] have been on campus.” Anna Delva, the President of CSA, felt this event “gave people of multicultural backgrounds a community.” 

The Fusion experience hosted a variety of student-led cultural organizations like the Caribbean Student Association (above). Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

For the first hour, the cultural organizations took the time to introduce their culture in a single performance. A liveliness filled the air with music, bright colors, and traditional dance. All eyes were glued to the dance floor observing the flow of movement and embellished facial expressions. 

After the organized dances were over, the dance floor was open for everyone in the room. Songs like the cupid shuffle, cotton-eyed-joe, and electric slide played on speaker while everyone was up and out of their seats. A wide variety of music was played at the event, including traditional pieces that attendees danced along to.

Rachel Rolle, an Argo reporter in attendance, described her experience with the event.

“A couple of days prior to the event I was slammed with writing deadlines and preparing for my anatomy exam. My younger sister suggested I go because she had so much fun the year before. My curiosity grew and at 9pm that Thursday I found myself standing in line waiting to see what was inside. Seeing the CSA hit home because I myself originated from the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas more specifically. This was the first time I heard about this club and was excited to learn more,” said Rolle.