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Students to get in touch with Jewish Heritage for upcoming Birthright Israel trips

An influx of students will join Birthright Israel to embrace their Jewish Heritage in Israel this summer. That includes plenty of students from Stockton, including Criminal Justice Major Hannah Shute. 

“This trip means a lot to me as I have a lot of family who have been to Israel,” said Shute. Not only does Shute have family who lives in Israel, but the trip plays an important personal role in Shute’s life. “This is more than a trip for me, this is going to give me the ability to connect more with myself and my Jewish side of my family.”

According to a recent press release from Birthright Israel, about 14,000 students from almost 900 universities across America will participate in the trip. 

Not only is the trip meaningful for students with Jewish heritage across North America, but it is significant because the program received a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic when global borders closed for tourism. 

Birthright Israel CEO Gidi Mark stated in the press release, “After a long hiatus, we are excited to bring back so many students from North America to these important and exciting tours to Israel.” 

In addition to the pandemic-related hiatus, Mark claimed that many students face anti-Semitism on college campuses that leave them “isolated.”

“We know that after going on a Birthright trip,” said Mark, “these students feel more confident.”

The benefit of Birthright Israel is that the trips are free for young adults between 18 and 32. Not only are the trips targeted for education, but they also intend to change global perspectives by connecting young adults with their heritage, culture, and history. 

For more on the trip and the work that Birthright Israel does for young adults, visit their website here.