Campus Life

La Mesa and TLC host kite festival in AC

Stockton Atlantic City residents enjoyed some sunshine and fresh air on Wednesday afternoon at a Kite Festival hosted by La Mesa and Themed Living Communities. The event was titled “Celebrating Differences,” and aimed to bring students of all backgrounds together.

“Our vision for Celebrating Differences is an event to not only expose attendees tall the culturally diverse staff, students and faculty at Stockton University but also provide a safe space for students of color, acknowledge intersectionality, and increase sense of belonging for students with historically underrepresented and underserved identities,” wrote La Mesa on their Instagram post promoting the event.

Students decorated vibrant kites in the quad and attempted to fly them, though the wind was not in everyone’s favor. They also enjoyed refreshments, “ethnically diverse cuisine,” and music.

“Especially in Pakistani culture, we have this thing called basant which is basically kite flying, and kids who couldn’t really fly kites would just decorate the kites,” said student Rohama Imran, who is part of the Pakistani Student Association at Stockton. Imran said that PSA was also co-sponsoring the event.

“We came out to get out of the house, and it seemed like a fun thing to do,” said Natalie Valladeres, who was decorating her kite with her friend Keldy Penaranda.

“It was a nice day to get outside and they had really good food!” said Penaranda.

Overall the 70-degree weather brought out a great group of students who were excited to bring awareness to their cultures, show off their artistic talents and have fun!