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Student Senate launches spring election cycle

Spring is here and believe it or not Ospreys, it’s time to start planning for the next academic year. If you are looking for a more active voice on the campus this fall, you’re in luck, for Student Senate is now launching its spring election cycle.

This past week, Senate held a Wing Night social to interact and connect with individuals looking to better understand the mission of Senate. While the event was a success, the group invites candidates to the ongoing membership discussion to their upcoming interest meeting, where students will be provided with the formal procedures related to the election process.

“I would encourage a student to join the Student Senate because I feel being involved in the student government on campus is essential if you want to make positive change in your community. You meet with the decision-makers, and you are given the ability to be the voice for the students, and help meet their needs,” Brianna Bracey, Student Senate President told The Argo. “It really is a rewarding feeling to know that you can make your community a better place. I do not believe I would be as strong as the individual I am today if it hadn’t been for my involvement in the Student Senate and my overall connection to the Stockton community.”

Each spring, all 27 Senate members are up for re-election. Students who are interested in serving in those spots are required to attend one of the four interest meetings. Meetings are taking place on the 28th-30th in Meeting Room 4 at 6pm, or 31st in Meeting Room 3 also at 4:30pm. From here, eligible students must collect 75 signatures from their peers, and they will be placed on the ballot for the election taking place April 19th through 21st

Student Senate is an organization composed of students elected by the student body to represent their intellectual, social, and economic needs in campus life. Much of Senate’s work empowers them to work as the liaison between our administration, and the student body. 

Each Senator serves on one of six committees: Student Affairs, Finance, Governmental, Public Relations, Academic Affairs, and the newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

“The Student Senate essentially is the representative form of government that secures a student voice on campus and promotes the social, academic, and physical welfare of the Stockton community. We advocate for shared governance and ensure administration knows how students feel about the changes they enforce, whether they are positive or negative,” explained Bracey.

To find out more about this organization students are able to drop by the Senate office located in the upper level of the Campus Center in room 212, attend an interest meeting, or contact

Chris Melillo