Career Corner

SPJ highlights important storytelling skills

The Society of Professional Journalists, a new club on campus, held their second meeting of the semester on Thursday, hosted by Professor Toby Rosenthal.

The focus of the meeting was on important storytelling skills. Professor Rosenthal discussed planning and organizational tactics that can help writers find the main focus of their story. She also emphasized the importance of finding lesser-known voices to tell their side of the story.

One example of detailed storytelling looked at in the meeting was the Baltimore Sun’s investigative report on the cost of child support and who it affects. The point of looking at these stories is to understand the research that goes into it and to find out how reporters came to the conclusions they did.

In many cases, reporters start by researching the topic and finding out whose stories have already been told, and who hasn’t. This helps to narrow down the angle of the story. Reporters will then think about sources- people who are directly affected, people who are knowledgeable on the subject, people who are in power, etc.

The next Society of Professional Journalists meeting will be held on April 14 at 4:30 in room F226 for the club’s Spring Sendoff.

For more information on the Society of Professional Journalists, contact Professor Toby Rosenthal at