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Students take to the streets in support of Ukraine

Written for The Argo by Erin Kee

The Master of Social Work Alliance of Stockton University hosted its rally with the message of solidarity with Ukrainians. The organization curated the event to reflect the current global events and spread awareness on how to stand with the citizens of Ukraine. 

Students in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, stand in solidarity with the country. Photo courtesy of Dr. Jack Lewis.

A group of about fifty people gathered at the John F. Scarpa Academic Center. The rally began with sign creation with supplies provided by the Master of Social Work Alliance. Creativity was not lost on the participants, a sea of signs featuring drawings of Ukraine, flowers, and supportive sentiments were displayed to by-passers.

A sign read “Stockton MSW Students Stand With Ukraine” in the Ukrainian national colors of blue and yellow. 

“This rally was important because it helps not only spread awareness about the situation in Ukraine but also shows that we are standing in solidarity with Ukraine. While we were all well aware that one rally on one college campus would not end the war, it could still encourage others to educate themselves on the situation, to donate time, money, resources, and to stand by the people of Ukraine during such a devastating time,” said Master of Social Work Alliance President, Summer Forte. 

As the crowd displayed their signs, there was discussion amongst the group about the importance of rallies like this to spread awareness about global conflicts and humanitarian crises. 

The students were congratulated on their hard work by staff members and an Atlantic City council member, and as the rally ended, the group took their signs from the road and thought about future actions that could be taken to support Ukrainians. 

“I’ve made donations to humanitarian organizations helping Ukraine and spread awareness as best as I can. I hope everyone else will do the same, so we can do our part in promoting justice and helping people who need it” said Lake Forte.