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Board of Trustees Fellowship application period begins

Stockton’s Board of Trustees Fellowship started in the 1998 Fall semester and it is aimed at supporting student-initiated projects of undergraduate research. Every year, the program runs during the Spring and Fall semesters and usually supports about five projects per semester. However, the number of projects sponsored per semester is dependent on the quantity and quality of applications for the semester. 

Since its inception, over two hundred applicants have had their projects sponsored by the Board of Trustees Fellowship. The Board of Trustees consists of fourteen members, twelve of which are New Jersey residents appointed by the Governor of New Jersey, the President of Stockton University, and the other two are non-voting members of the board.

Currently, applications are being accepted for the BOT Fellowship Project sponsorship. Students are at liberty to run any projects they want. However, projects that are dedicated to social justice, civic engagement, or high-impact practices will be given priority for funding. Students like Alize Thompson, Alicia Jenkins, Yesenia Pacheco, and Diana Sandoval are recent recipients of the BOT Fellowship sponsorship. 

For instance, Alicia Jenkins would be implementing her project idea in April. Her project titled the “Osprey Excellence Experience” is geared towards increasing students’ experiences and knowledge of the resources available on and off-campus as well as vital information that will impact their career readiness.

When students apply for the BOT Fellowship project sponsorship, they are required to complete an online application which would contain their project proposal, their personal statement along three recommendation letters on the BOT Fellowship’s website. Thereafter, the BOT Fellowship would review the application and the applicants should expect feedback within two weeks. Successful applicants would then be funded with the first half of their budget to begin the project and halfway into the project implementation, they would receive the second half.

The BOT Fellowship project has proved by all means to be highly beneficial to students in the sense that it is a great resume-builder, helps prepare students for graduate school, adds a sense of belonging to Stockton students, and encourages critical thinking because students’ projects can take on any form.

Students are encouraged to submit applications for the BOT Fellowship project sponsorship for this semester and for coming ones. To apply for the BOT Fellowship project or get more information about it, check for the Board of Trustees website on Stockton’s website or visit their office in F101 or better still, email them at